5 Ways to Gather Mana



‘Mana’ is a word used in Austronesian languages that roughly translates to “power.”  Mana is a life energy that flows through all things and is highly individual: you have a chance to gain or lose mana in everything you do. In Fundamentals of Hawaiian Mysticism, Charlotte Berney explains that, “Having meaningful work to do, enjoying harmonious relationships with those around you, and being of service in some way all help to gather mana.”

A few days ago, I took an amazing yoga sculpt class guided by a beautiful Hawaiian lady named Malia. She opened the class by talking about mana and our inner-mana that we can always tune into, empowering ourselves to stay strong and resilient during tough moments of the class and life in general. We can persevere and remain strong for so much longer than we ever believe ourselves to be able to and when we realize this we stop giving up so often. There are few things more satisfying than persisting and accomplishing something you almost believed you could not do. I believe we should all strive to stay in constant connection with our Mana, our inner life force that unites and empowers every single one of us. Strong, confident, connected people help inspire and create more people of that same energy.

Here are my morning practices to enhance and elevate my ability to gather more mana in my life every single day…


Inhale through your nose for as long as you can until your belly is filled with oxygen and then very slowly exhale the air out your mouth until there is no air left to push out. The goal is to breathe fresh oxygen into every last cell of our body and to rid ourselves of any stale air that is trapped inside of us from shallow breathing. I love to fill my heart and body up with feelings of love and gratitude for being alive as I inhale and visualize myself releasing any anxieties I have that particular day. Giving ourselves the time to breathe each morning will create the framework for a calm, centered, and energized day. Who doesn’t want that? Also I massaged a client who told me that taking 12 deep breaths lowers your brain wave frequency bringing you into a relaxed and reflective alpha state.


In Ayurveda it is a healthy self-care ritual to brush your teeth and scrape your tongue before consuming anything in the morning. While we sleep our body detoxifies by ridding itself of bacteria, food debris, fungi, toxins, and dead cells. These germs end up in many place to be transported out of our bodies and one of them is our tongue! This is why most of us have “morning breath.” So rather than drinking water right when you wake up, clean your tongue first in order to protect yourself from re-consuming old toxic energy. You can order a cheap tongue scraper on amazon or you can just scrape your tongue with your tooth-brush until most of the white is gone and your tongue is a healthy pink.

After your mouth is fresh and clean, drink a giant glass of filtered (Tap water is toxic!) water! I drink 9.5ph Kangen water every single day which is water that is alkaline, hydrates and absorbs into our cells instantly, and transforms our bodies from the inside out. To learn more about the importance of proper hydration check out my blog post ‘We Are Water.’ It is vital for our health to drink water in the morning before eating to awaken our organs and colon. Water will cleanse our bodies of the toxins that built up for release overnight. You will feel much more purified and revitalized than you would without drinking water in the morning. It is worth it.


This is such a simple habit that has an elevating effect on our mood and energy levels. When we take one minute to make our bed, we are setting ourselves up for accomplishment and a positive environment. Getting this one task done in the morning gets the ball rolling for further task accomplishment throughout the day. And most importantly, getting into a well made bed at the end of a long day is absolutely heavenly.


As electromagnetic beings, it is essential to recognize that we are literally energetic magnets attracting an exact reflection of our internal landscape into our experience. The energy of what we feel, think, believe and experience internally is being radiated from us and pulled back into our reality via the Law of Attraction. This makes it pretty obvious how important a positive mind and belief-system is. This is the purpose of affirmations. We repeatedly speak into existence that which we desire to experience. The key is to come from a place of gratitude for having, rather than desiring to have that which is not yet ours. When we truly feel and believe that we are something or have something even though we don’t, it will attract into our life with power. Here is an example: I would say, “I’m so grateful for the wealth and abundance that surrounds me everywhere I look.” Rather than… “I want to attract wealth and abundance into my life.” The first statement focuses on having while the second focuses on wanting. We don’t want to attract the energy of wanting, we want to attract the energy of having.


You can truly use affirmations for anything you want to change, attract, or create in your life; e.g. Money, fulfilling career, a lover, friendship, travel, health, etc. A great way to figure out the right affirmations for you is to write down in detail your dream life, where you are, who you are with, what you do, how much you make, what you wear, and then on a new page write down all the things you would feel and experience once you are living your wildest dream. Next, write those out in gratitude form by writing about how grateful you are for all the experiences and feelings that your dreams enabled you to feel. This is your list of affirmations! Speak these aloud daily anytime you get a chance and read it silently as much as you’d like to as well!


Our bodies are made up of about 75% protein and our brain is 80% fat. When we eat a diet high in plant-based fats and proteins we are giving our body the nutrients to be nourished and grow and you will definitely feel the effects. Our brain feels clearer, calmer, and our mood is enhanced. It is important to eat in the morning to regulate our blood sugar so that our mood is stabilized throughout the day. This is especially important for people who tend to get anxiety. Refined carbohydrates clog our protein receptors blocking us from being about to use the proteins we consume for nutrients. It ends up being discarded from our body and wasted. It is better to avoid eating too many refined carbs especially before eating the healthy amount of fats and proteins necessary each day. Letting go of refined carbs is a challenge, but totally worth the effect it has on our mana. 

MACA MANA MORNING SMOOTHIE // cacao protein powder, hemp seeds, banana, 9.5 coffee ice cubes, raw organic maca, coco oil, almond butter

MACA MANA MORNING SMOOTHIE // cacao protein powder, hemp seeds, banana, 9.5 coffee ice cubes, raw organic maca, coco oil, almond butter

Some healthy vegan sources of fat and protein include avocado, lentil curry, macadamia nuts, almonds, brown rice and broccoli, sunflower seeds, black beans and rice, chili, garbanzo beans, flavored hummus, natural peanut butter, cashew butter, coconut oil, mushroom butter, almond butter, power balls/peanut butter balls, edamame, muesli, bun-less veggie burger, peas, pumpkin seeds, raw protein powder, smoothies, flax-seed oil(amazing for you), hemp oil, tempeh, trail mix, chia pudding, protein brownies, falafels, high-protein granola, plus so many more! There are literally millions of amazing recipes online for free! The possibilities are truly endless.

I have found that in fusion, all of these practices have helped me feel more filled with mana throughout my day. I feel more empowered to accomplish my goals and more grateful to be alive. Mana is innate in all of us and it is our birthright to tap into it. This life force enables us to step into our highest light. 

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