Hey friend. Thanks for being here. I appreciate you. I wrote this about a month ago and now it feels weird to try to put my story into words on the internet because it is so much more then that… but I will leave you with what I have anyways xx

I was born in Colorado where my mom (my bestie) and my dad (a Navy SEAL) were stationed temporarily and shortly relocated to Virginia Beach, Virginia where I grew up.

My cute parents

My cute parents

I went to an elementary school for gifted students and even got accepted into several magnet schools for middle school but ended up choosing the International Baccalaureate program.

I lived an absolutely blessed childhood.

I was alway provided for, I had everything I needed and basically everything I wanted too…

not to mention my cousin was my best friend so I am fully grateful for the life I was given

I mean I was literally set up for success!

But growing up with a father who was deployed at least once a year for multiple month on end, I definitely matured fast and also struggled a bit.

I started resenting the paved life I was living and began rebelling against my teachers and any authority figures.

I decided to quit the International Baccalaureate program and enroll in the local public school.

I started smoking cannabis and taking psychedelic drugs around 15 years old and not-so-consequently dove into my spiritual nature and began my own awakening.

Taking psychedelics felt like I was peeling off layers of ego that I plastered on myself after years of social conditioning.

As crazy as it might sound to someone who has not dabbled in the realm of plant medicine, I was really waking up.

& I was loving it…

Until the summer going into my freshman year of high school, my dad was retiring from the SEAL teams due to a brain injury and my parents were going through a divorce..

I had gotten caught doing acid that summer and to put the cherry on top for my parents I not-so-wisely decided to smoke cannabis in my bedroom a few days later.

My dad smelled it and came stomping up to my room as my heart began racing..

The next scene involved a lot of tears, yelling, and destroying of Clares bedroom to try and find the “weed.”

My dad told me to “pack a bag” because in 30 minutes he was going to nail my bedroom door shut and I had to move into the extra small office room next door to my luxurious bedroom.

I got put on “restriction” meaning no friends, no freedom, and no phone.

I was devastated.

Around the same time my dad made me enroll in online school to start off high school because he didn’t think my peers were a good influence on me.

The only good thing about this was that it allowed me to keep my laptop, so the next month mostly just consisted of me scrolling through Tumblr, envying other peoples aesthetically pleasing lives in the tropics.

I began envisioning the lifestyle I was going to create for myself… a life of sunshine…tanned skin… local fruit… and many many ocean dips…

One of those days while living vicariously through Tumblr photos, I came across a link to a free documentary called Earthlings ( and my world was shook.

Nothing I had known or seen before that documentary was relevant.

All I knew was that my whole life felt like a lie.

The film featured in depth footage of the suffering endured by animals at factory farms, research labs, and puppy mills.

My heart was broken and invigorated with purpose at the same time.

I went vegan overnight.

& it continues to be the most beautiful lifestyle choice I have ever made.

This is a big part of who I am today and a message I will forever share with the world.

The day after I decided to go Vegan, my dad invited me to road trip in our RV to the mountains of Sun Valley, Idaho with him.

He wanted to escape our town that only served as a symbol of all his deceased navy friends and my parents divorce, and I wanted to escape my boring “office life.“

So I said yes, packed my bag, stopped at Trader Joes to stock up on all the vegan essentials, and we were off!

Don’t let this face fool you

Don’t let this face fool you

It was exciting at first, traveling, seeing new places, living in the RV, trading in the beach for the mountains, but it slowly lost it’s allure the longer I was there, away from all of my friends.

Eventually, it went from a “road trip” to us renting a new home and moving out of the RV.

When the new year came around, I had been feeling isolated doing online school so I asked to enroll in the local public high school in attempts to make some friends.

School just seemed to make everything worse though. I had been dialed into my Virginia Beach crew for so long that I struggled to find a new peer group let alone make one or two meaningful relationships.

The loneliness was a lot to handle.

I began to deal with severe anxiety and an unhealthy lifestyle that I attempted to numb myself with for many months.

I drank alcohol and did drugs to feel more comfortable around my peers, I over-ate to literally stuff my emotions, and I was so afraid of expressing myself that it became really difficult for me to form any genuine connections.

I felt like no one cared about me and I only felt comfortable around my “friends” when I was on drugs.

I was in a very low place desperate for resolution.

I remembered my mom taking me to hot yoga in middle school and after the first two or three classes that felt more like hell than heaven, I ended up loving it.

I was struggling so hard, I was open to finding any solution or practice that promised healing and inner peace.

I remembered the way the yoga classes with my mom made me feel and decided to try it again in hopes of healing.

I started going to weekly yoga classes at the local YMCA and the results were almost instant.

My anxiety was dissolving, I began feeling happier, and started forming a deeper connection with myself, and the world around me.

Yoga taught me to find peace in the struggle, and refuge in the present moment.

I fell in love with my own holistic healing.

My yoga teachers were my role models and I wanted to embody what they embodied, peace, grace, kindness, patience, strength, self-expression, and freedom.

Naturally, I got stoked about creating future the way I used to.

I felt passionate about helping others heal through yoga and veganism and got lit up visualizing the woman I was to become.

By my senior year I had zero interest in a traditional 4 year college, I just wanted to move to the tropics, eat plants, and share the holistic lifestyle.

& I did just that.

After graduating, I completed my 200hr yoga teacher training in Costa Rica in August of 2017 and then moved straight to Oahu where I attended and graduated from Hawaii Healing Arts College for massage therapy in June of 2018.

During my time at massage school I learned so so much especially that regular bodywork is so essential to our well being as humans.

I also learned that I did not want my primary income to depend on such a physically demanding job.

I LOVED the art of healing through touch and bodywork but getting paid to do this would take away the spirit of it and my body would pay for it in the long run. I felt the same way about yoga.

I wanted yoga and massage to be a gift I bestow upon my loved ones and myself, not something I had to do to pay for next weeks groceries.

These are such sacred practices and I intended to keep it that way.

I did a ton of research on online business and entrepreneurship and even tried to start a few businesses like a t shirt brand and while I was in massage school I was working on building a sustainable yoga mat company.

I was stoked but I started adding up how much it was going to cost me to invest in designers, material, production, packaging, distribution, customer service, marketing etc….

Not even just the financial cost but the time it would cost me to do all of this myself and I didn’t have money to outsource at the time.

I felt like it was me against my laptop trying to navigate the internet to get closer to my dream of having a successful profitable online business but most days I just felt lost and confused as to what to do to get where I wanted to be let alone the very next thing I needed to do to get there…

So I realized that was too much for me and I didn’t have the capitol or time to support it.

I knew whatever was meant to happen would.. and that it would be good.

Apparently the Universe fully supported this and presented me with an opportunity a few months before graduation.

I came across an intriguing technology on Amelia Whelans blog

Amelia was a vegan health coach and absolutely RAVED about this product... it was a water machine.. not a filter, a Medical Grade Water Ionizing machine that creates fresh Kangen Water

I reached out to her and not only did she tell me about how incredible this Kangen Water is being rich in anti-oxidants, alkalized, and micro-clustered but she told me about the epic business opportunity that this revolutionary technology held.

She told me that she was a Kangen Distributor and that by investing in a machine for my own everyday use I would also become a “distributor” meaning if anyone I knew was interested in getting a machine, I would get a check mailed to my house.

The machines are valuable and high ticket items so they pay out very high commissions when you do share a machine with a friend.

After seeing the compensation plan and the earning potential here I was into it.

I got the funds together to put a down deposit on a machine and the rest is history.

I dove into learning how to leverage online systems to make online sales with Kangen water which has allowed me to work full time online since December 2018

a slice of pure paradise

a slice of pure paradise

One year later, I’m sat here writing this in my beautiful condo, in the healthiest state I’ve ever been in, I’ve done over $100K in sales in the last 12 months, helped so money women start their own successful businesses online, celebrated my first five figure month, travelled to Bali, Thailand, France, moved to Maui and now living in Kauai.

I wake up when I want to, I get out of bed when I want, I work out when I want to, I go beach when I want to, and I travel when I want to.

I have been completely blessed in this life.

I get to promote a holistic abundant lifestyle and make the world a better place.

I dove into entrepreneurship head first, faced fears, overcame limiting beliefs, and got way the heck out of my comfort zone.

I am on an eternal journey of expansion and I am so grateful for it all.

I can happily say, not only do I now spend my days bathing in the sunshine, eating fruit, and taking dips in the ocean, but I am growing everyday; in business, health, self-love, and in spirit.

My mantras these days:


I am spirit energy and i can manifest anything

i am a divine being worthy of wealth, happiness, and ease

I am Clare. Lover of all things holistic healing, plant foods, hydration, vibration, manifestation, elevation and of course, self-love.

Ps. I love you

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