We Are Water


Our bodies are made up of over 70% water. Our planet is made up of over 70% water. Our brains are made up of over 70% water. We are so deeply connected to water from the molecular level all the way to the global level. Water gives us life and vitality. Water supports all our life processes. Water is essential to life. Water is life. Water is a blessing.


Masaru Emoto was a Japanese author, researcher, and photographer, who claimed that human consciousness has an effect on the molecular structure of water. He would freeze and observe in a microscope, the water crystals of tap water and spring water.  He found theater crystals from tap water and water from rivers and lakes near big cities did not create beautiful designs. However, the water from rivers and lakes where water was kept free from development, he could observe beautiful crystals, each one having its own uniqueness. Amazing, right?

He tested his theory again by placing two water samples on top of words. One was placed on the words “love and appreciation”” and the other on the words “you make me sick, I will kill you.”



Knowing that water becomes the physical manifestation of the energy surrounding it, where our water comes from becomes an essential question to ask ourselves. I used to drink tap water because it was cheap and convenient but then I was introduced to the truth about tap water. In order to transport water easily from hundreds of miles away, it moves through pipes at extremely high pressures. It’s nice to think that the water that comes out of our showers and sinks got there through pristine copper or stainless steel pipes… But the reality is that most of our water is traveling to us through pipes that are a couple of years old and look like this… (The left is a 10-year-old water pipe.)

These pipes may contain toxic metals, chemicals, or microbes that are leaching into the water. In order to prevent disease from these toxic pipes, tap water is treated with a large number of chemicals in order to kill bacteria and other microorganisms. In addition, tap water may contain other undesirable contaminants like toxic metal salts, hormones and pesticides that have soaked into the earth and into the water underground.

Bottled water might seem like a better option for our health but this is far from the truth. Water bottles sit in the hot sun on ships and in storage waiting to be sent to a store for months on end. The sun melts the properties of the plastic bottle and they absorb into the water that we are to consume. Then when we finish drinking our one use bottle of chemical filled water we recycle it in hopes of it getting reused. In reality only 9% of plastic bottles are recycled each year. The rest are taken to landfills even though they had been sent to the recycler. There is a plastic island twice the size of Texas floating around the Pacific. The plastic breaks down and ends up being consumed by the sea life causing death and lifetime illness. It also ends up scattered on beaches all around the world. Americans drink an average of 1,500 bottles of water every single second. If you were to consume the healthy amount of water needed every day in bottled water, you’d be paying an annual amount of over $2,000! Imagine all the things your could do for yourself and your family with an extra $2000 dollars a year per person! Sounds like some new holiday destinations to me!

So after learning all of this information I didn’t want to drink any water anymore. I thought it was all toxic, until I noticed a blogger I follow post about her different hydration and energy elixirs and something she called “Kangen water.” I started to do more research and decided to invest in one. I noticed the effects immediately…

Check out my ‘Kangen Water’ blog post to learn more about this revolutionary technology

Check out my ‘Kangen Water’ blog post to learn more about this revolutionary technology

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