You ARE The Abundance

5 Ways to Tap Into Your Innate Abundance

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I’m not sure if it’s just me, but the past few months I’ve felt this great shift in my own consciousness and in the collective consciousness. It feels like we are slowly awakening to our own innate divinity and our worthiness of lives filled with love, joy, laughter, abundance, nature, travel, and connection! We are realizing that life is too amazing, beautiful, and absurd to not experience all the amazing feelings it has to offer. I know so many people that feel that their time is just too precious and temporary to waste it working their life away for someone else to live the good life.


We are so fortunate to be alive during a time when financial abundance has never been easier to create and manifest for ourselves. Technology and social media have given us the opportunity to reach the farthest corners of the planet instantly at anytime with literally any content we want to create and share. This gives us the power to reach a greatly multiplied audience with the services we have to offer. When you realize that money is just a symbol of our energy, it becomes obvious that using todays technologies, we can multiply our gross income without multiplying the energy spent working. This is because we will spend the same amount, if not less time advertising ourselves to thousands all over the globe via the internet to a targeted audience creating more overall sales than you would advertising to a couple hundred random people in your area. It gives us incredible potential to maximize our reach and total revenue so that we can get closer to financial freedom and ultimately spend more time doing things we love, creating a more positive planet.

I think the majority would agree that we are not alive right now to work, pay bills, and buy things. We are so much more than the constructs of the world we see around us. We are alive because God/Source/The Universe/Nature/Love got curious and decided to experience itself on a new level. So it expanded and became the cosmos, the stars, the planets, Earth, you and I, love, nature, and everything else in existence. We are literally “God” fragmented into billions of slices of consciousness all experiencing “each other” when at the end of the day, it’s all just, you know…God. We are each emotional beings, here to feel what we experience, why else are we each born with a nervous system and a heart? Unfortunately, most people don’t remember that they literally are God experiencing itself in the flesh, because they can’t fathom that God is everything in existence! Remember God is infinite therefore it is impossible for us to be separate from God. Since this was forgotten throughout time, we created a world that is hard to live abundantly in like a God should be living. We created money and the need to acquire it before we can acquire anything else we need or want. So this creates an obstacle of needing to manifest money before we can manifest our desires and live our greatest abundant dream-life. One thing to always keep in mind is that no one wants money, people want what money will do for their life and their family. People want experience and joy and money is the means through which we can easily access those desires.

With that being said here are a couple of practices I’ve been using to manifest wealth and abundance into my life…


If there is one thing everyone should know about the Law of Attraction, it is that we as electro-magnetic beings attract an exact reflection of our own energy back to ourselves. So whatever you feel inside, whatever your dominant emotions are, that’s the energy you exude and attract back to yourself. This is a law of the universe, this is a fact of life. This is why we must get right within, in order to truly manifest our desires.


The idea here is to get creative and use your imagination to visualize exactly what you will feel like when you are abundantly wealthy. How will you feel inside? Where will you be and with who? What are you doing and how will you use your wealth to elevate the life you, your friends, and family currently live? Begin a daily practice of cultivating that confident feeling of living in abundance deep within your heart. Truly embody what it feels like to be a financially wealthy human being.  You can write this feeling down and keep it somewhere you will constantly be reminded like a bedside stand, a mirror, on your phone wallpaper.

To truly embody the energy of wealth you must do the things you would do if you were already wealth in order to affirms your beliefs within yourself. You must do this without fear, and with full confidence in your own and the universes power. This can include buying yourself the nice things you want in life, buying yourself the clothing that helps you to truly embody the feeling of wealth, and just choosing to feel so excited and grateful to buy yourself nice things. We are truly %111 blessed to be able to buy ourselves not only the things we need but the things we desire and to even have these devices to find all of this knowledge on! We take for granted the things most people on the planet dream of having. We are inherently abundant. When you start to see all the things that you have instead of those you don’t, you shift your energy from a state of lack to a state of abundance. When you feel that you have more than enough and feel grateful for what you have, you send a message to the universe that you would like to continue having more than enough and therefore it will continue to provide you with just that.


When you say that you “want” or “need” something, you are essentially saying “I do not have,” or “I am in lack.” How do you think the universe will respond to that energy? With more want, need, and lack. It is giving us more “want,” because that is the energetic message we are communicating to source. What we hold our focus on grows and is an indicator to the universal forces of what we want. We should always focus on the feeling of having already, of gratitude and let go of any feelings of desire and need. Learn to trust in the process and timing of the universe and appreciate the blessings it has already bestowed upon us.


Find a mellow moment during your day to have some alone time and speak aloud powerful phrases that affirm yourself as a wealthy and abundant being. This is all about penetrating into our subconscious minds with repetition in order to shift our dominant beliefs and thought-patterns surrounding money and wealth. Most of us grew up in a household where parents spoke of lack all too often which resulted in fear associated with making money. This creates deep-rooted blockages to wealth manifestation and can only be reversed through mindfulness and re-wiring our brains neurons.

Need help identifying your beliefs and blockages surrounding wealth and money?

Grab a pen and paper and without holding back write down a list of every fear, anxiety, and doubt you have about becoming an abundantly wealthy person. It is good to express our insecurities and doubts in order to get them out. We don’t want that energy living inside of us because it is blocking us from manifestation. Here is an example of some of mine: “If I take a risk in attempt to create greater total income and I fail, I may not come up with rent this month.” “What if I run out of money and have to move back in with my mom.” “I want to prove to my family I can do it.”
Now on a second paper write down statements that affirm the opposite of each of these worries to be true in our life and speak them out loud 3x each, everyday. When speaking these words out loud, not only do we feel it inside, but we hear our own voice say it and the words we speak are so powerful because we only speak that which we believe in. I re-wrote my fearful beliefs into something like this: “I am excited to pursue this new project that goes beyond the status quo and I have complete confidence in my ability to overcome any struggle I may face.” “I am provided for always. Money flows to me effortlessly because I give to others effortlessly.” “I create to express, not to impress. I am loved unconditionally.”
Lastly, when practicing affirmations always speak present tense. The universe only knows this moment now. You can practice positive affirmations for anything and use simple ones too. My favorites: “I am wealthy.” “Abundance is my essence.” and “I am beyond capable of manifesting financial abundance.”



Create multiple streams of income for yourself. The average millionaire has 7 streams of income. This is a practice that will take a little time and energy everyday dedicated to creating MSI in your life. MSI is great because it takes your dependence off of your one job/career to provide for you for the rest of your earthly days. It doesn’t matter how much money you make off of each stream. The can be big or small, all that matters is the fact that they are all streaming to one place… your bank account. This is your chance to get creative, this is your chance to pursue those hobbies you gave up in order to start your career. This is for you to create and provide for the world all the things that you can do to make our planet a more loving, simplified, and beautiful place for all life. We also live in a pivotal time in history where technology has given us the ability to reach billions if we want to, completely transforming our audience reach and total income.  Here is a list of ideas to help you start creating new streams of income today:

Sell old things
Create a product and an e-commerce website like Shopify
Buy wholesale products online to sell on Shopify
Create a blog and monetize it
Run Affiliate Ads on Social Media
Become a social media influencer and get paid to advertise for companies
Start a YouTube channel and get paid from video ads
Learn a trade like yoga or health coaching and begin working with clients
Take photos for people
Clean others spaces
Get paid to take surveys online
Write an e-Book
Rent out a room or un-used space with Air BnB
Outsource business tasks to free up time for other streams
Create an online course
Distribute Kangen Water
Get paid to have ads on your car
Anything else you have in mind
As you can see there are endless ways to create multiple streams of income. I highly recommend using technology to your advantage because as long as you have wi-fi, you can work from anywhere. Just get creative and be willing to try different things. People need help all over the planet and if you can provide that help, you are successful already.  Don’t be afraid to try something new and unknown to you. AT least one thing you try is bound to catch on and grow. Especially if you do the inner work first.

It is essential to focus of locking down one stream of income before moving to your second. You absolutely don’t need to and should not attempt to create more than one stream at a time. Focus on developing one stream at a time here and you will find this a lot easier.



In the insanely fast paced society we live in, it’s almost effortless to get pulled into the never-ending search for new stimuli and information to consume. Social media has wired our brains to seek constant entertainment and distraction from the important. Sadly this reality prevents many people from creating anything of their own because there is such a mass quantity of information to be consumed. It is a never-ending stream of new updates that our minds are conditioned to crave. If you feel yourself being pulled into the conveyor belt of information download, it’s probably a sign you’re deficient in creativity.

Newtons 3rd Law of Motion states that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. For us this means that every thought we think, every word we speak, and every action we make, an equal reaction is created and brought back into our reality. So if we are constantly consuming information, we are creating a reaction of more consumption into our reality. Consumption will become our desire because we made space for it to be. If we are create space for generosity in all our relationships, give more than we think we should, and create businesses made to give to and serve others. We are instantly creating a reaction of generosity and service back into our own lives.

In general, when we create more content than we consume, whether its our trade, our art, or online, we are allowing for greater abundance to flow into our lives by providing more for the world to appreciate and give back to. Put a priority on creating more than you consume so that you attract greater manifestations into your direct life experience.

Thank you so much if you invested your energy in reading this post. I hope you got something out of it and feel inspired to start creating the life you were born worthy of. You are powerful beyond measure. You are a physical expression of God. You can create any experience you can imagine. Please feel free to reach out to me with questions or any other topics you’d like me to write about!

Mahalo and so much love to you,


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